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How to Foil Gybe

John Chambers
Steps to Foil Gybing

  • Sailing on a broad reach make sure you are foiling and stable
  • Tidy up the mainsheet so it's in front of you and won't get tangled in your feet
  • Bear away and keep the boat flat (you might need to ease sheet a few inches)
  • Step in towards centre of boat and push tiller extension through gap at front
  • Get head under sail and apply more tiller to turn the boat and encourage sail to come across onto new side.
  • Continue moving to new side
  • After sail comes across trim and get stable
  • Then switch hands with tiller

John Chambers
  • Make sure you have enough speed. At least 12 knots
  • Make sure mainsheet is not in your way
  • Keep the boat flat through Gybe
  • Do a smooth circular turn (No zig zags). Going from Reach to Reach. 

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